Best Power Banks in India 2017 – Best Power Banks for Smartphones


Best Power Banks in India 2017 – Best Power Banks for Smartphones

Importance Power Banks in Today’s Lifestyle



Checkout the Price for Intex IT-PB11K 11000 mAh Power Bank 


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Checkout the Prices for PNY BE-740 BE-740 10400 mAh Power Bank


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Checkout the Price Ambrane P-1310 13000 mAh Power Bank


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Checkout Prices for Lenovo for Pb410 5000 mAh Power Bank


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Checkout Prices for ADATA PT100 Adata 10000 mAh Power Bank


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Those monochrome days are gone when mobiles were used only for talking. Now the scenario is completely different. Now we are calling it Smart Phones. It does everything that we need in our day to day life i.e. phone calls, watching movies, listening songs, buying products, etc. Now a days it’s a must have tool without it life becomes disconnected.

Now it’s the age of portable devices. People don’t want to carry or work on the traditional devices. They want everything to be handy and portable. Recent days Tablets are more popular than laptops. These tablets are very much portable and easy to use; probably you no need to go for laptops.

Even school and colleges these smart devices are getting introduced to make education easy and flexible. Small and young kids like these smart devices and spending more time on it. Because these devices are so user friendly that anyone can use it.

These smart devices are backed by the batteries to self-operate. Depending upon the size and features and utlizations, the battery power backup varies from 1-3 hours. All the smart devices i.e. phones, tablets, palmtops etc are rechargeable. Once the battery gets drained, you can connect it to the raw power and allow it for few hours to charge the devices.

Every innovation comes with advantages and disadvantages. Now a day we are so connected with this smart phone / tablet that’s without of it, life becomes disconnected. Your smart phones always should be remain powered on and connected. But most of the smart devices can last 4-5 hours and you need to charge it before its battery gets drained out.

Sometime we don’t have the option to recharge our smart phones or tablets. For an example, while travelling if your smart phone battery gets drained then you don’t have the option to recharge it. That may lead to various problems depending what type of person you are and what’s your nature of business. These smart phones consume lots of power and every few hour these devices need to be recharged.

Looking at this problems, there are many companies who introduced Best Power Banks. Those smart power banks help to recharge your devices when you don’t have the raw power. So today Smart Power Banks are must have tool if you are using any smart devices like smart phones, iPods, iPads, etc.


 What is a Power Bank?


Power bank is rechargeable battery that stores energy for certain period of time. Mostly these are the lithium Ion batteries encapsulated in an enclosure to look and feel good. Depending upon the size and quality of battery the recharging period varies from one hour to three hours. And on an average power banks can recharge two to three smart phones or one to two tablets.


How to Choose Best Power Banks


These are few factors you must consider while going for a smart power bank;

  • Number of Smart Devices you are caring
  • Power Bank Sizes and its portability to carry

I usually go for portable best power bank because I am having two smart phones and one tablet in my case, so buying a big smart power bank may create space issues for me. Here are some technical details you must consider while choosing a smart power bank.


Capacity: This is the most critical and important point to consider before buys a best power bank. You need to calculate the number of devices that you are carrying and their capacity. Let’s assume you are carry three smart devices and their total power capacity is 7000 mAH. That means you need to buy best power banks whose capacity is beyond 7000 mAH. That will give you the privileges to charge your smart devices at least once. On an average people are buying more than 10,000 mAH Best Power Banks. But again it’s your call to decide how much capacity you want.

Connectors: Check out the connector types and number of output connectors. Some of the smart power banks offer two output connectors to charge simultaneously two deices at a time.

 Portability: Portability and flexibility is most important things to consider. Because no one want to carry big power banks which is bigger than their smart phones. Go for small high capacity smart power banks.

 Price: Compare the price with customer ratings. I would recommend you to go for a good brand that may cost you bit more but it will have other benefits like long lasting and high performance.

Device Protection: Read terms and conditions and security guidelines before you buy the smart power banks. Be ensure that your device is secure.

Warranty: Most of the Smart power banks offer only six months warrant but there are good brands which offer one year warranty. Go for one year warranty products.


Is it safe to use Power Banks?

Every device has its own pros and cons. But now a day’s Smart Power Bank is a need that no one can avoid. But you being a user you must know how to operate it. Mishandling may lead to damage your smart phones or devices. I would encourage you to read the user manual before using it.


  • Anywhere you can recharge your smart devices
  • Takes less time to recharge your smart devices
  • Easy to carry and use
  • It’s a universal charger


  • Need to pay Extra to Charge your smart phone
  • May feel irritating while carrying it because it need additional space
  • Need 4-5 hours of recharge



Today smart power banks are most essential tool to carry. If you are a smart phone or device user, then this is a must have gadget one should buy. It helps when your smart phone battery is in critical condition and you need to call someone urgently. Protection Status

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November 3, 2016